We do everything creatively and efficiently

A cohesive team of professionals is working on the development and conduct of events.

Extensive experience organizing events for guests of all ages.

We always bring people joy, good mood and positive!

Our animators, presenters, DJs - actors with specialized education

Its material base: equipment, costumes, props, vehicles

Listen to the hymn Best Party!

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Clients about us

Thank you very much, the organization is clear, everything is on time, the presenter and DJ are great, the day passed on a positive and in the same breath, you really are great !!!!!

Kovalenko julia
Julia Kovalenko (Chief Accountant of the GC "Inter Athletics")

On Saturday, 23.06.18 died off the prom of our kids in the style of "Hollywood". The BestParty team turned graduates into real stars !!! Many thanks to your team for the great organization !! It was an enchanting evening, which we all will remember still sooo long.

Olga Veredyuk
Olga Veredyuk

I want to express my gratitude to the event agency @bestparty.ua for the fact that all wishes have been realized! For a great evening, pleasant atmosphere and cool music) We will also cooperate It was very cool!

Ilya Kvasha
Ilya Kvasha

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More about us

Event Agency Best Party will help you prepare a holiday of any complexity, for example, Children's birthday or a party for adults.

Event Agency

We are working on the Ukrainian market since 2015, and during this time we have developed and conducted hundreds of successful events.

Regardless of the number of participants and the budget, we approach each project as responsibly as possible. Our main criterion of success is your good mood and positive emotions!

Almost all of our celebrations were held in Kiev and Kiev region.

Animation and show programs. In our “menu” you will find more than 50 ready-made options for every taste and age. Each of them is: script, professional presenter, decor and props, bright costumes, sound and light accompaniment, contests, games, quizzes, surprises!

New Year. The day that has become the most beloved. Whether we like it or not, traditions cannot be broken. Start the year should be full of energy and in a good mood. Our event agency will schedule a corporate party or a celebration. You are waiting for a meeting with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, winter special effects and an evening full of entertainment.

Leading. Does your event need a professional toastmaster? Do not want guests to miss? In this case, it is better to contact the event agency. Anniversary or corporate? Official or entertainment part? Regardless of the task, we are ready to guarantee the result!

DJ. The holiday should be fun! Disco was, is and will be a great entertainment for guests of any age. Invite our DJ. He will select the perfect setlist, and in between incendiary hits he will hold contests and practical jokes. DJ can be paired with artists. His speech can be ordered as a separate service. And further! We use only licensed tracks and software.

Ballet show. Your celebration should be truly unique? Then do not forget that no special effects will replace the real live performance. Our event agency has prepared for you some incredible numbers, staged by a professional choreographer. Costumes were sewn for each of the dances, a sound series and special effects were selected. Up to six people can be on the stage at the same time.

Puppets. Regardless of the chosen subject, the age of the participants and their number, the animator in the growth doll will always give a unique atmosphere to what is happening. Dance, have fun, enjoy positive emotions! Our heroes will gladly help you with this!

Master Class. Rest can also be made useful by learning something new! And there is no better way than to visit one of our master classes. You do not need special skills to cope with the tasks. Sure - it will be interesting and fun. Upon completion, each participant will have something done by hand. And who knows, maybe you can discover an unexpected talent in yourself.

Corporative. This may be an event dedicated to a specific date: the birthday of the company or the meeting of dealers. Then, most likely, you can not do without a solemn part, the speeches of managers, the presentation of products or the presentation of gifts to the best employees. And perhaps the company will want to give its employees time to forget about the troubles and have a good rest. Event Agency will prepare for you an exclusive scenario that will take into account the direction of your work, and competitions in which employees can compete in the knowledge of the company's history and products.

Team building. Often, companies face tasks that are impossible to accomplish in their usual working environment. For example, increase the team spirit or “make friends” of the departments between which conflicts often arise. Our event agency will develop team building for you, which will help solve such business problems. Forms can be very diverse. After the main part we can entertain guests.

Promotion. Want to introduce the product to partners or customers? Want to attract attention or make your brand more recognizable? We will help you organize a promotional campaign to solve these problems. Everything will be done creatively and professionally.

Wedding. Our event agency will hold a turnkey wedding for you. We understand how important this day is, so everything should be perfect. We take care of the script, decoration and treats. Our DJ and artists will be with you throughout the evening. They will give you wonderful moments: solemn and funny, bright and emotional. And our photographer will ensure that everything that happens is captured in the best possible way.

High school graduation. It does not matter, it is graduation in kindergarten, school or university We will develop an optimal plan, hold a solemn part, and then give all graduates a good rest before the upcoming peaks!

Shooting and editing video clips. How often we want to save the minutes of joy that we spend in the circle of relatives and friends. A video will be filmed for you that captures the best moments, true emotions and sincerity. We will offer our kids to shoot a video clip with them in the main roles. Choose a song, entourage for us. And after two weeks you have a wonderful video that you can boast to your friends or put on YouTube.

Treats. Plans to organize a table with food? Nothing is easier! The main thing to decide on the menu, the dishes will be prepared and delivered on time. We will also set the table and take care of the guests' comfort throughout the entire event. Of course, the menu for kids and older people is different. Children usually wait for pizza, juice and fries. In adults, everything is more complicated. You can restrict snacks or order a table with a variety of dishes, hot and spirits.

Locations. As a rule, we can adapt any of the programs of the event agency to the place proposed by the client. The main thing is that there was a cozy, not crowded and there was a free area where you can arrange the equipment. In advance it would be good to understand how you can make noise. If there are no preferences, we will offer to choose a room from our list. We have offers for all districts of Kiev and for any budget. Choose between a restaurant, anti-cafe, meeting room or entertainment center.

Outdoors. Outside the window, the weather is good and you want something unusual in the fresh air? Our event agency will develop and hold for you one of our street quests. You not only have a good time, but also learn a lot of new things about our city. Also, many of our animated shows are easily adapted for outdoor or, for example, the backyard of a country house. The show of soap bubbles and foam show are good examples of this. Such programs are especially popular among children.

Additional services. Celebration is not only performances and funny numbers, but also a lot of little things that need to be foreseen. We have done everything possible so that you can purchase everything you need from us at an affordable price without spending time searching and comparing prices. You can order a cake, cotton candy, decor, helium balloons, candy bars, rent suits, equipment and much more. Check with our managers for prices and availability.

Event Agency in Kiev

Any questions regarding the products offered by our event agency? Call or contact us via the feedback form. We will try to answer as quickly as possible, choose the best scenario and optimize it for your budget. If necessary, we will meet in person. We are always glad to see you visiting us. You can get acquainted with the team, look at the props, costumes, decor, equipment, as well as get acquainted with the coordinator of the holiday. Sure, we will find the right option and everything will be successful on 101%!